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The video above created by Hans Wilhelm is a simple and beautiful way of describing the phenomena of spirit possession, and some of its its causes, symptoms and effects.

Spirit Releasement-Soul Retrieval

The phenomenon of what is known as spirit attachment, oppression, or possession, has been documented in nearly every culture throughout the world since the beginning of human experience. Due to the pioneering works documented in Dr. William J. Baldwin's "Spirit Releasement Therapy,"Dr. Edith Fiore's "The Unquiet Dead," and Dr. Carl Wickland's "Thirty Years Among the Dead," this ancient, widespread phenomena is being brought back into the light of awareness in our modern time. What was spoken of in the ancient past is still just as active and relevant today.

Some of the noted effects of spirit attachment or possession are, but not limited to:

  • Extreme fatigue after waking from a full nights sleep.

  • Extremely dark dreams where one is being attacked or violated.

  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating and poor memory.

  • Extreme mood swings, overly negative attitude.

  • Antisocial behavior.

  • Suicidal thoughts and or attempts.

  • Unfounded fear, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

  • Alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Violent or abusive behavior.

  • Disconnection from higher spiritual awareness and guidance.

It has been discovered that there are many reasons why human souls remain earthbound, from comforting a grieving spouse, family member or friend,  fear of judgement and damnation, revenge, addiction. While not all earthbound spirits are malevolent, their presence within our subtle energy system can cause various health issues, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


As a part of the Akashic Soul Record clearing sessions, we also identify and clear spirit entities that may be attached to or in possession of a person. Once these entities are cleared, if they are present, a deep sense of inner peace is felt, the mind is clear, vitality returns, there is a felt sense sense of well-being and lightness..

In this session we not only research, identify and clear any spirit attachments from you, in addition we also facilitate what shamanic healers call soul retrieval. Because we are motivated by pleasure or pain, moving towards pleasurable things and away from painful things, this holds true from an energetic perspective as well. During intense traumatic experiences, the shamans describe a process called Soul-loss.


This Soul-loss is a fracturing and fragmenting of the energy system. In this fracturing process, the Soul can fragment and leave in an attempt to get away from the source of  the trauma and flea to a place of healing in the non-physical realms. Soul-loss is one of the primary reasons for spirit attachment or possession.  The Soul retrieval process, is a process of gathering, cleansing, healing and reintegrating these fragments. Once this re-integration takes place, there is sense of wholeness and a feeling of being completely present and grounded.

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