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“Michael’s ability to identify, clear and reprogram counterproductive, subconscious programs has proven to be a game changer. He compassionately guided me through understanding my personal limiting patterns and how those set the foundation for my experiences. During our first session, I felt positive shifts as the “life heaviness” began to lift, continuing to transform and release even weeks after our session. He’s taught me about the subconscious mind, associated energy and what is required to experience life-positive changes, from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. I HIGHLY recommend working with Michael to achieve deep-soul freedom.”


Kristi Finney

Reno, NV


Happy New Year Michael!!!


I just had some breakthrough realizations from our session over the past two weeks! My Ex, who is my sons father. Rumor got to me that he mentioned he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. I cried and started with the why not me blah, blah stuff. Why was I not good enough, why does he do this to hurt me… after only 1 day I came to the realization that I am better off and happier, then I thought that poor girl. Ha! Usually something like this would have hurt me and I would be in bed doing nothing and crying. I did cry and process it but ultimately I am happier without someone like him. 


Also while the new year of 2023 has come I am calling in a masculine man as a partner. In my previous short experience in May 2022 I realized that I do have the ability to let go and give control to someone else that I feel safe and secure with (mind you I did not realize it until after our session). He and I are no longer talking but his masculinity is what I realize would be a match for me. Along with other traits. 😊 But I wanted to share that with you!



Sunnyvale, CA




"I have been doing remote Akashic Soul Record Clearing for the past year with Michael and it has been the most transformative time both professionally and personally. After each session I feel more complete and grounded. You can actually feel the release of limitation, negative energy siphons and past wounding. Michael did soul retrieval during one of our first few sessions and that’s when I really felt like all of me had come home.


I have never felt more me than after that experience. Michael’s work is very powerful, once he cuts a cord, retrieves the pieces of your soul, raises the frequency of your wellness or prosperity it is done. The prosperity factor is immediate, within 24 hours of having Michael open up my money container or raise the energy level of my business for optimal prosperity my business booms. I also receive attunements from Michael’s energy and my gifts up level. I trust Michael implicitly to work on my behalf for my highest good and he always delivers".

Lanette Simone

Owner of "The Shot Spot"

Reno, NV


I am writing to tell you that things have improved in both businesses since the clearing you did for them. Personally, I feel extremely different in spirit, disposition, and desire to work and achieve the objectives of all of the people involved. All of this has brought positive results that are materializing, and others that are beginning to establish themselves. It's like everything flows easier and is lighter. I made the change in perception that you suggested with respect to money comes easily without difficulty.

Thank you".


Luis Pachas

Owner/partner RD Dispatch- Kentucky

Owner/partner Avansalud-Venezuela

​"Michael's gift of energy clearing has played an integral part in breaking through the barrier keeping me from my best self. From the actual moment of the clearing, I experienced the quietest, most peaceful, I can ever remember my mind being to now, months of unfolding and an awakening to a new clearer view of myself and the world around me. I believe God brings people in to our lives to challenge us and to expand us, Michael has done  just that in mine". 

Jennifer Farr Shipp

St Petersburg FL

“I met Michael 5 years ago, and ever since that time, we've done energetic healing sessions whenever I have an issue that I need help with. Much to my surprise, distance doesn't seem to be an issue. I've experienced benefits from the work that we’ve done together, whether it be in person (when I’m visiting in the US) or at a distance when I’m at home in Mexico City. I experience significant changes in my life more and more, with every session.The effects of the healing work have been amazing.


The akashic soul record clearings that we have done together have helped me to change the energy in my life on many different levels. On a personal level, the information that they have revealed helped me to identify, bring clarity to and release non-beneficial behavioral patterns that had been creating challenges in my life.


At the family level, it's helped to bring more harmony in discordant family situations. In my professional level, the disharmony between my boss and I was transformed into a more harmonious situation, and now I am working for the same university but with a different contract, which gives me more flexibility and freedom.


At my house, we identified and cleared  some unpleasant energies in the atmosphere that were making me feel uncomfortable at times. And at my friend’s house, Michael helped to clear some entities that were disturbing my friend and keeping her up late at night. After one clearing session the noises disappeared and the apartment above her, which was sitting empty for months was rented the following day.


Michael also helped to resolve a stressful situation with the cats. Two of the cats were jealous and aggressive towards the new one that came to live with us. He cleared the discordant energy existing between them and thankfully, they all live together now peacefully.”


Maru Eugenia Constantino PhD.

Mexico City, Mexico



I just wanted to let you know, how very, very grateful I am. After our session, I felt a deep sense of liberation.  I finally had the courage to make decisions that use to cause me a lot of fear, decisions that I did not even dare to think about. 


I was able to forgive myself and that has been the greatest advance in my spiritual path, I still have a lot of work to do,  but I feel that you helped me to open that door. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Reina Montalvo

Reno, Nevada

"Dear Michael,


I wanted to thank you for the work you've done with me in clearing my energy fields. Being in the "body work" business, I know first hand how the disruption in our energy field can negatively affect our physical and emotional health. Up until now, I have enjoyed a moderately successful career in my field, with the desire to become very successful, but always got in my own way by allowing fear to hold me back. The change has been profound. It was a divine blessing to have found you and I look forward to learning more about clearing for myself, my family and my friends and clients. I recommend this therapy for anyone who feels "stuck" in their current situation, get out of the quicksand and take a leap of faith".


Brenda Krukemeier,

Co-owner/LMT at Serendipity Wellness Spa

Pinellas Park, Fl

"Dear Michael,

I want to take this time to thank you for helping me find a more peaceful place in my life. I met you through a friend who had raved so much about you, your thought process, and your healing abilities. I met you at a time when I was overtaken by fatigue, I was mentally exhausted and was feeling down and depressed. I'm a single mom of two and a Registered Nurse, I often come home from work feeling bogged down by others' physical illness and depressed states.

I spend my days literally caring for others, all day, every day. I had taken on negative energy from so many sources in life that I myself was feeling lifeless. You came to my home and performed and energy clearing that was revitalizing. During the clearing, I felt so relaxed and in a meditative state, after the clearing I felt that I had started a new. I was able to separate my emotions from my work as well and I felt overall more energized and happy. I have been feeling like this for months and I want to thank you for your help and your talents for clearing!"

Nicole Carone, RN, BSN

Allen Park MI


"I reached out to Michael just before Christmas 2017. I had been having  difficulty with issues that were at a point of consuming me emotionally, and physically. A lot of which had become my normal... tired, sad, constantly living in the mindset of the past. I had lost a boyfriend two years prior and was still dealing with some unresolved issues that were in turn making me depressed at times.



I am a single mother who works six days a week as a hair stylist and two of those days are spent working at an Alzheimer center, which I love, but was also draining me emotionally... needless to say, I needed, and was desperate for a resolution. I love my life but felt out of control, and my Psoriasis, a skin condition that worsens under stress, was taking over my body.


Michael did a clearing for me, my home and both of my work places which took a few hours. The result was an unexplainable sense of ease. After the clearing at my home he sat and explained some things to me after and I had to hold my head up with my hands and could feel my body go limp... I was so relaxed I went right to bed that night! That night I slept the best I have ever slept in my adult life and woke up feeling rested.

Both of my work environments had some uneasiness due to coworkers, and clients, and those seemed to have also gone into a better, more balanced state of manageability! I have personally become more focused and have been able to "let go" and find closure to situations and feelings that had been hindering my well-being.

In addition, my six year old daughter had suffered from night terrors as long as I can remember. She never really slept well as an infant either. I had always reached out to her pediatrician to find a remedy for her, and had done some research on my own to help her, but nothing ever worked. Her cry outs during her dreams were so loud and terrifying, that even though advised to not wake her, I felt I had to because whatever she was experiencing was so real to her she was terrified. All I could do was hold her and reassure her that I was there and that she was okay.

In December 2018 I reached out to Michael again for help; having tried everything thus far, and had no success. Michael came over and performed a clearing while she slept, it took about an hour, he then stuck around for a while to observe her and see if she would have any cry outs. The effects were almost immediate. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter never made a peep that night. The next morning she woke up, climbed into bed and woke me up by kissing my face and saying "good morning!" Which was abnormal for her as she is pretty demanding in the morning because of lack of sleep.

She went from having night terrors a few times a week, to nothing at all!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt so fortunate to have met Michael and that he was able to shift and clear whatever was hindering my little girls sleep. For that I am beyond grateful and happy to say that almost three months later we are still in the clear of night terrors, and getting a peaceful nights sleep! I cannot thank Michael enough for his loving spirit to help others. Feeling really Grateful for my experience.Thank you Michael Keleman for your caring heart and helping my little girl."

Alondra Martinez

Taylor, MI


"Dearest Michael,


The energetic healing I received from you amazingly accelerated my healing from Stage IV breast cancer. As you know I had to have radiation, and the treatment was very harsh. Emotionally and physically I would become a wreck at times. You came to my rescue many, many times, always with the same results... emotionally and mentally I would feel much better, calmer, more peaceful, and able to cope with whatever I had to go through.


After healing sessions with you my body relaxes and feels harmonized in such a way that it allows the healing process to happen quicker. I have two doctors. The first doctor thought my case was too complicated to resolve only with chemo, so he sent me to see a doctor that performs radiation therapy for patients. I went through 30 radiation treatments; always I was supported by you. When I came back to see the first doctor, he couldn't believe I was there actually and didn't look half-dead. He thought I was going to be another statistic as only 10% of the people in my situation survive.


I believe you were an essential piece of this miraculous improvement. I am starting the second phase of my treatment and I feel confident your constant support and healing will help me go through it successfully. I feel blessed and honored to have you as a friend, and the respect and love I feel for you is immense. I will always be thankful to you for being with me and my family during this difficult journey, and you have now been officially adopted by us.


Much love,

Patricia Fitzsimmons

St Petersburg FL"





Thank you so much for reaching out to me and helping me kick off this journey into well-being and expansion. I thoroughly enjoyed the energy work you did on Sunday and felt a little lighter following your work.  I haven’t had conversations as deep, exploratory and meaningful in a long time, and it’s renewed my passion to learn and expand once again outside of the everyday society “standards”. I look forward to seeing you again soon.




"I highly recommend Michael (Purelight) for anyone working on their personal growth or going through a difficult period in their lives.The negative energy that had collected around me over the years was becoming difficult to maneuver through.  For me, the clearing of negativity around and through me was key to my growing and moving in a more positive direction.  With Michael's help, harmful outside influences have been blocked and my mind freed to move forward with more awareness and clarity. I can not adequately put into words how really blessed I feel to have found Michael, and will continue working with him."


D. Howard

Reno, NV



"Dear Michael,


I am writing to thank you for my healing experience.  It was what I regard as life changing.  I feel as though I’ve had 30 years of stress healed.This is not easy to put in words because the wonderful experience of the session itself was quite a bit beyond words for me and something I didn’t want to mentalize. I did journal some personal insights I gained.


However, I can describe the results of the session.  First of all, I feel as though a load has been lifted off me.  The feeling of relaxation which remains with me is something I have not felt in years.  Along with this, my thinking has changed and I perceive would be stressors differently and now enjoy a relaxation response.


The truth is I feel like a new person, and I’m really liking me!!! My feeling good apparently showed because for the next two days I received numerous compliments from people who said things like… “You are glowing”; “you look so relaxed.”  A friend, who I ran into at the grocery store, also commented on how relaxed I looked and he further added that I had a spring to my step he had not seen before. Anyway, I really wanted you to know about my amazing results!


A grateful Jeanette

Sun City FL"



“Dear Michael,


When I began treatment with you I only knew that I wanted to feel better.  I had bought into the idea that since I was approaching 65 that I could expect to have increasing fatigue and pain and less mobility.  My attitude was pretty negative regarding my future. Was I ever wrong!  After the initial treatment I immediately felt more “Awake” and vibrant and my fatigue melted away.  The affects were more noticeable after a few days when I began to be aware of how much I enjoyed this “Lightness”. I found myself sorting and organizing things in my house that were still unpacked from a year ago, and I was arranging my closet by color.  Having more energy left me feeling balanced and it began to show in my surroundings, my appearance, my relationships, and every aspect of my life.


Without any conscious effort I began eating a healthier diet and had no desire to stuff myself with sweets. Pounds are slowly falling away and the life I’d dreamed of having began to flow into my life.  I no longer wanted to take antidepressants and I gave them up for the first time in 10 years.There’s an inner peace which I describe as feeling like a cat purring.  It’s actually a vibration I feel in my heart from the love that was unbound through the release of negative energy.  Friends tell me I look younger and radiant and I’m able to resume activities I had given up like watching my granddaughter’s soccer practice.Thank you from the depth of my heart for helping me connect with the inner joy yearning to be released.  Your enthusiasm for helping my friends and me is a rare gift we’re fortunate to witness.  May you continue to enjoy your work which makes the world a better place.” 


Doris Sartain,

St Petersburg, FL"

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