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Michael Keleman

In 1995, at the age of twenty five, while striving to climb the corporate ladder of an international transportation company, I would have a chance encounter with a woman that would forever change the course of my life. She told me that she was a healer and that we were destined to work together. Something within me recognized the truth in her words, so I scheduled a healing session for the following week. I was unaware that this initial meeting would be the beginning of seeing and experiencing life in an entirely different way. 


This beautiful being took me through a form of healing known as Rebirthing Breathwork, combined with another form of energy work. While being gently and lovingly guided through the session, I experienced a tremendous release of painful emotional energies that had been repressed and bottled up inside of me for a very long time.  As I left, for the first time since childhood, I felt lightness and a sense of deep peace.


On the drive home I began directly experiencing, with intense awareness, the interconnectedness of all of life. Needless to say I was in complete awe and deep gratitude for this gift. Later that night I would begin to experience phenomena outside of my normal mode of perceived reality. There were indescribable states of ecstatic bliss and an awareness of the Divine presence of Love that permeates all of creation. I had become acutely aware of the infinite ocean of life giving energy that surrounded and permeated everything in existence.


Much to my amazement, the blockages that were released during the Rebirthing session had opened up some of the latent potentials that lie dormant in all human beings. A new heightened mode of perception had become activated, opening my mind to a more expanded state of functioning. For three days and nights I would experience telepathy, or direct mind to mind communication and conscious out of body travel. As I lay down to go to sleep I would soon after find my consciousness, lifting out of my body and passing through the walls of my room to fly effortlessly anywhere I desired to go. Needless to say, I was awe struck.


Much to my dismay, the experience of the Divine presence of Universal Love, and the wonderful abilities that had been awakened during the session, would slowly begin to fade and eventually shut down after a few days. I had to know why this was happening. I had to know what was blocking or obstructing this sublime state of awareness and this higher state of functioning.This precious gift of experiencing the boundless, unconditional love of existence, and the experience of functioning in a more expanded state of awareness for a short period of time, became the explosive catalyst for my quest to understand the nature of life itself. The burning question became… who and what am I?


My persistence would eventually lead me to a direct superconscious experience of absolute reality beyond ALL dimensions of non-physical and manifest form. I realized in an instant that nothing is truly solid, and that the world that we we perceive is made up of light and information that is structured into what we experience as a physical reality. But the most startling revelation was that there is only “One” still presence within which all of creation is continually unfolding… and that still presence of Being is who and what we truly are.


From the direct experience of this pre-manifested state of light and information, I realized that the Human Energy Field was not only a system that was responsible for interpreting information from its environment, but that it also was a projected matrix of light within which we have the sensory experiences we call our life. In other words, the human energy system is projecting, like a cinema camera, our perceived reality.


To assist in the assimilation and grounding of this powerful awakening, I was guided to explore and experience various consciousness based healing “technologies” that were founded on applied quantum physics principles, and also the non-dual teachings of the sages of the Far East. I was shown clearly that we are not who we believe ourselves to be, but that we are much much, more. These subtle fields of energy that surround our body-mind complex provide a vehicle for our timeless being to experience, and that any changes made within these subtle fields determines our experience at all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Out of this profound journey was born a desire to share these insights and to be of service to those seeking healing and reconnection with their true or authentic Self. I look forward to being of service to you on your journey to wholeness.


Many Blessings,


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