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Services are conducted via remote session, for more information on preparing for your session please
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Akashic Soul Record Clearing and Re-patterning using SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), is a quick and accurate spiritual healing method that identifies and removes blocks that prevent you from living a happier life. All of this is accomplished with the help of Higher Guidance (your"Higher-Self") which identifies negative past life karmic energies and programs and clears them. As these past life energies and programs are cleared, and new, life-positive energetic patterns are downloaded, your life opens up to greater and healthier possibilities.

In every session, with the help of your Higher Self, we also check for, and clear any parasitic spirit entities or energies that may be attached and affecting you negatively. We also check for what is known in shamanic practice, as "soul loss" or "soul fragmentation" and do a soul retrieval if necessary. For Initial clearing work, if you've never had this work done before, a two hour block of time is highly recommended. All subsequent sessions can be facilitated in one hour increments.

        Akashic Soul Record Clearing is done in 1, and 2-hour Time Blocks*

             (It is suggested that new clients book a 2 hour session for a complete clearing.)




The soul clearing for couples, at its core, is the same as an individual clearing, it includes a research method that looks for anything and everything that would cause disharmony in your relationship. Whether you are looking to improve your relationship, or are transitioning out of the relationship in conscious uncoupling, this session clears up discordant karmic patterns bringing about a state of harmony.

Generally, we continue to attract souls that we have had other life experiences with back to us, time and time again. Sometimes these relationships start off well, but then quickly deteriorate. Sometimes we feel a push-pull, a love-hate dynamic. This is due to some form of trauma between you and your partner that occurred in past or other life experiences together. We are destined to come back to one another until we resolve and re-balance our karmic debit between one another and come into love and harmony.

      Akashic Soul Record Clearing-Couple is done in a 4-hour Time Block                     




In this session, we look at where you are in your life-experience currently, and what you would like instead. Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world. The subconscious beliefs that we hold about our self, others, and the world, create powerful  fields of attraction that draw experiences that match our beliefs, to us. If we change our beliefs at the subconscious level we change our inner world and outer experience.
As we change our beliefs, our perceptions also change; and this allows us to see life in new ways. Psych-K® is a powerful way to help change any life-limiting beliefs you may have into life-positive ones.

In this session, we look at where you are in your life-experience currently, and what you would like instead. Once we have identified what you would like to manifest instead, we create "Goal Statements" or affirmations. Unlike affirmations, we use certain processes to enter into a whole-brain state where these Goal Statements go straight into the subconscious mind and begin to work immediately. This process is done safely with guidance from your Higher Self. In some instances, the change process isn't a one and done process. We may need further exploration to identify any secondary gains or benefits that you may have at the subconscious level, if you fall back into an old pattern..

               Pysch-K® Sessions can be done in 1, 2, or 3-hour Time Blocks





Home and Land Clearing your living space and land and raising its vibration can have beneficial effects for you and your immediate family. What most people are not aware of is that space is not empty like we perceive it to be. It is actually infinitely dense and can be imprinted with vibrations of the thoughts and actions of those who occupied the space before us. Even the land upon which our living space sits is susceptible to these imprints. These energy imprints, if discordant, can have a non-beneficial effect on us as our subtle energy  systems process the energies imprinted in that space.

In some cases, there is the issue of discarnate human spirits who have not left the earth-plane for various reasons, and or non-human entities who have taken possession of the space. This can cause problems for those living in a house with these issues. You may find that you and your family members may have dark, nightmarish dreams, sleep paralysis and a sense of being drained of energy when you enter your home. You may find that you are experiencing arguments and disruptive behaviors due to the negative influence of these entities.  In the clearing for home and land, I research your land and living space thoroughly, ultimately clearing the land, living space and objects within the space that may be imprinted with discordant energy.

                        Home and Land Clearings are done in a 2-hour Time Block                                             




Business When we take our first steps in creating a business, we have to create a fictitious name for our business. This name becomes the business entity. This entity, as we put life force into it takes on a consciousness of its own. This entity, and its field of consciousness are affected by those who participate in the business; as they become a part of the field of this conscious entity.

In the business clearing, we check a number of important factors. We check the compatibility of you and your business entity. Are you still aligned with your original vision and mission statement? Do you hold any negative energy on your business? The  energy of your clients, current and past, landlords, tenants, vendors, etc., are all checked for negative energy.


The land and business space are also checked for any non-beneficial entities that may be attached to the land or business space that could adversely affect the flow of your business. The effects of mass consciousness from the surrounding area are also checked. The length of this session will be determined by the size of your business and all those involved in your business as well. Optimize the energy of your business to help it to be all that it can be.

                       Complete Business Clearing is done in a 4-hour Time Block





Daily Maintenance Plug into the PURELIGHT field and get cleared and vitalized daily. Our subtle energy systems are constantly sending out and receiving energy from the surrounding environment. Unless we have a daily cleansing and re-vitalizing practice, some of these energies can begin to accumulate and our subtle energy system begins to operate with less efficiency.

Daily Maintenance is a remote service provided to support you and your immediate family throughout the month. This life enriching service is open to everyone. Even if you haven't  gone through the Akashic Soul Record Clearing and Re-patterning, and or the Business clearing process, you and your immediate family will enjoy the beneficial effects of being in harmony with the flow of life. When the challenges of life come, you will be able to move through them with greater ease.  If you would like to sign up for this service, please click on the subscribe button below. You can cancel this service hassle free at any time.

​                                Try Daily Maintenance free for 30 days!
                      Daily Maintenance membership after trial: $21/mo

01-Akashic Soul Record Clearing
02-Akashic Soul Record Clearing-Couple
03-Psych-k® life positive belief change
04-Home and land clearing
06-Daily Maintenance
05-complete Business clearing
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