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Akashic Soul Record Clearing and Re-patterning
                        A Deeper Look

"It is the mind that is otherwise called the subtle body, ego, jiva or soul."~Ramana Maharshi-Indian Sage

​In order to get a deeper understanding of this work and its benefits, we must look at the full spectrum of our being. In the highest state of spiritual awareness, there is no senses of a separate, individual self. We have a sense of being everywhere and nowhere specific simultaneously. As hard as that may be to grasp. 


In order for us to experience, we need to take on an illusion of a separate individual self. As we move out of this timeless state of being, we take on a boundary, a focus of awareness. This focus allows us to be in relationship to something, the sense of otherness emerges.This ability to be in relationship is essential in order for us to experience.


In the Far Eastern Hatha yogic philosophy, these boundaries are known as koshas (sheathes) and the aura and its informational and vital-force centers called chakras. In modern science this boundary is called a bio-field. As stated above, the great sage of Inida, Ramana Maharshi describes this boundary as the mind, subtle body, ego or soul. 


The soul is eternal, and using the body as as a vehicle to focus through and have experiences. Once the experience is over in the body, it is dropped and another picked up to experience once again. All of the experiences that the soul is having while focused through the body are being recorded at the soul level accumulating knowledge and gaining in wisdom.


We'll take a look at the phases of mind next to get a better understanding of the processing of the various aspects of mind. It's important to know that we are connected simultaneously to all phases of mind, and have the ability through conscious intention to work with them.


The Conscious mind: includes all of our ordinary levels of waking awareness and self-identification-”I am” awareness of body, mind, emotions and the external world. Along with instincts and passions of the body, its chief feature is the rational mind, whose function is to understand everything through reason and logic and manipulate the world based on its understanding. It is the programmer of the subconscious mind.


Subconscious mind: Is the storehouse of memory and emotion. Everything that you’ve experienced is automatically recorded in the subconscious. The more powerful the experience, the stronger the recording. Traumatic experiences make especially vivid recordings. These memories are imprinted as patterns of light particles, pictures of light which carry along with them sound and feeling. The recording of memories and feelings is automatic.


Superconscious mind: (High Self) is the Creator beyond time and space. The function of Superconscious is to create and uncreate. Superconscious creates all the multiplicity of forms in creation for its enjoyment and experience. Superconscious creates all of the worlds and all beings therein. Individualized Superconscious exists as vortices of white-light energy. You, Superconscious, created your spirit, caused the conception of your physical body, and is the creative force in your life”.


                             ~Ahab Cobb "Superconscious, Releasing Past Life Recordings"




The Hatha yogis call these recordings in the subconscious mind "karma samskaras." Karma means action, work or deed. And samskara means mental impressions, recollections or psychological imprints. In this philosophy the mind carries memories from all lives and these memories are not passive, they are active. These energies and imprints powerfully influence who and what we attract into our life experiences, and also our tendencies and inclinations of our personality.


We've had numerous experiences, what we would call both positive and negative. In this particular work we are looking for all of what we would perceive as negative, traumatic experiences that limit our potential.


"The imprints in memory leave behind residual impressions encoded in our deepest memory. These imprints (after made) continue to turn the karmic wheel of action and reaction. The consequences may take effect instantaneously, or lay in abeyance for years, even through several lives. Samskaras build the cycle of our existence and decide the situation, time and our place of birth". Dr.  Gaurav Agrawal-Rishikesh India


















We'll use the above image to get a visual understanding of the karma samskaras/soul records/imprints and how, from a biological perspective these energies influence our decisions, behaviors, and attract people that we have karma with, but also people to reinforce our beliefs about our selves, other people and the world.


A great analogy for these imprints shown in "Figure A" in the image above, is like a bank of security monitors/TV's. Each monitor has a different scene with something different happening on it. We can liken this to the information stored in the particles of light within the subconscious mind that contain pictures, sounds, feelings. The totality of the environment captured by the five senses.


The energy and information of these scenes are active and influencing us as we move through our experience at the physical level of life. In"Figure B" we see an image of a strand of DNA. In the Heartmath's model (In the PDF in the left corner of the image), the DNA acts as an antenna that is attuned to the bio-field and sending and receiving information from the biol-field and the surrounding environment.

When experiences in our immediate environment match samskaras or memory imprints in the bio-field, these memory cues or triggers can re-stimulate or reactivate those memories. If they are traumatic or highly negative in nature, they can, once triggered, transmit that information into our biological system activating our fight, flight or freeze response. 


Certain deep memories can cause us to limit ourselves due to a fear from a previous life event. They can also guide us through with wisdom that we've accumulated through previous life experiences. The key to opening up our potential lies within the information within the bio-field/subconscious mind.


We are constantly broadcasting the information in our bio-field out into the world and having an invisible conversation with one another.  We generally attract people into our lives that we have had previous life experiences with. When our fields interact we begin processing the information that is present through our subtle energy system. We can either feel an instantaneous pull towards that person, or we may feel like we just don't like that person or feel repulsed by that person's energy. If we find our self getting triggered by someone we are in relationship with, we may have some past life karmic patterns to clear up with that person. 

Through information dowsing with a pendulum and certain charts we can, through focused intention, bypass the subconscious mind to work with Superconscious to identify and clear discordant karmic energies in our relationships, and research and find limiting programs that hinder us from living our best life possible. We can find the TV's with the traumatic scenes and turn them off or change the channel. We can also balance or  re-harmonize our subtle energy system, and much, much more.


as an Antenna
Sending and receiving Information to and from the body

Science Biotechnology DNA illustration a
Energy activated
when fields interact.
Fig A.
Fig B.
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