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What is Tachyon Energy Therapy?

Tachyon Energy Therapy is a no touch, all natural, holistic wellness therapy with no harmful side effects that restores health and well-being on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This revolutionary wellness therapy was created by the scientist and inventor, David Wagner, in his quest to harness free energy from the Universe, known in scientific circles as the Zero-Point Field

After his breakthrough discovery that allowed him to harness this Universal energy in the late 1980s, David had a different vision for its use. Instead of harnessing the energy with the intention of converting it into electrical energy, David had the realization that this energy, known scientifically as Tachyon, could be used to heal biological systems and aid in the process of spiritual unfoldment.


How Does It Work?

To explain how Tachyon energy therapy works we will explore the Tachyon Holistic Wellness model which is based on the science of faster than light-speed particles called Tachyon and the Energetic Continuum Theorem. To understand what Tachyon is we have to start at the Source. From a spiritual perspective, there is a basic understanding that all things in creation are emerging from One Source. This Source has been called by many names: God, Christ Consciousness Energy, Universal mind, Brahman, Allah, the Tao, etc.

From a Tachyon physics point of view, everything in creation is emerging out of an Energetic Continuum from One Source called the Zero-Point Field.The Energetic Continuum begins within the Zero-Point Field which is formless and žOmnipresent in the universe, beyond light-speed, limitless and contains all of the potential of the universe.

Tachyon is the first form to emerge out of the formless Zero-Point Field. Like the Zero-Point Field, Tachyon is, Omnipresent in the universe, beyond light-speed, limitless and contains all of the potential of the universe. The only difference is that Tachyon has form and has been described as the "quantum particle" of the Zero-Point Field. But Tachyon energy is not just a particle, it contains all of the frequencies of the slower than light-speed world we are experiencing in potential.

Tachyon creates, sustains and interacts with our slower than light-speed world through "Subtle Organizing Energy Fields" or SOEFs. These SOEFs contain the blue-prints for perfect order and are the "Matrix" upon which our physical and subtle bodies of our continuum manifest. It is said that SOEFs "are the glue that holds all forms together."

The Subtle Organizing Energy Fields Guide the Emergence of the Human Body

Everything that exists within creation has its own individual continuum of SOEFs within SOEFs. This continuum,  while individual, is connected to all other continuums throughout creation. The SOEFs that create our individual continuums must convert Tachyon energy on all energy levels from the most subtle refined levels down to our dense physical body in order to maintain balance and function optimally.


Once we understand that this continuum exists, we can then understand the concept of blockages and how imbalances and diseases occur. How is Tachyon converted for use into living systems? SOEFs draw out and convert Tachyon energy into the different useable frequencies they need. In other words, turning Tachyon Particles with NO frequency into energy frequencies that material structures recognize and need to thrive.

*A Subtle Organizing Energy Field drawing the specific energy it needs from Tachyon.
Tachyonized Tools for Wellness

Tachyon Energy Therapy utilizes special "Tachyonized " antennae that draw in,concentrate and direct faster than light-speed Tachyon energy into the SOEFs that comprise your energy continuum. As the flow of Tachyon is directed into the SOEFs of your energy continuum, any SOEFs that are depleted are re-energized and revitalized restoring balance and harmony throughout your entire system.

Before Treatment
After Treatment

The before treatment images above were captured by  an energy measurement device called Bio-well.The gaps in the energy field top left are due to energy blockages creating imbalances.


The after treatment images were captured after a 20 minute Tachyon treatment. All of the deficient areas within the subtle energy system have been revitalized and moving back into a balanced state of harmony.

Since the creation of this technology in the 90's, the product range has expanded beyond hard-line products into various applications to balance not only our bodies with various supplementation internally, but also products to reduce the harmful effects of our modern wireless technologies. If you would like to explore these tools for yourself and your loved ones, click on the Advanced Tachyon Banner Below.

*Tachyon animation provided by Wikimedia Commons.

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