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Useful Tools

The Effects of Tachyon
On the Subtle Energy Field

Before Tachyon

After Tachyon

The images above were captured by  an energy measurement device called Bio-well.The gaps in the energy field top left are due to energy blockages creating imbalances.


The image top right was captured after a 20 minute Tachyon treatment. All of the deficient areas within the subtle energy system have been revitalized and moving back into a balanced state of harmony.

I have personally used Tachyonized tools for over 20 years to revitalize and bring balance back into my, and my clients bodies and subtle energy systems.These tools are turned into permanent Tachyon antennas through a 14 day process; they never run out or stop working.  Below are some of the tools that I have personally used and and have shared how I have gained benefit from them. They truly are a gift that keeps on giving. Click the Tachyon Banner above to gain access to authentic Tachyonized energy healing tools.







Chakra Kit

If you're looking for an affordable energy tool, the Tachyonized Chakra kit is the best in my opinion. Initially when I came into contact with Advanced Tachyon Technologies, my subtle bodies had been blown out from an intense spiritual experience. As I set the small cells on my energy centers, I could literally feel my system snap back into alignment. It was that experience that led me to explore these amazing tools more deeply.




Tachyon Cocoon

After having such a powerful experience with the Chakra kit, I decided to explore the Tachyonized cocoon. Unlike the Chakra kit, the cocoon completely envelops your body and subtle energy system in a field of Tachyon; instead of just directing energy into the Chakras. Shortly after I purchased a the cocoon, I found myself in a weekend workshop. I was working at night and the workshop was held during the day. I literally had one hour to rest, and then head off to the  full day workshop. I slept in the cocoon for the one hour that I had available, and to my surprise, when I came out of it, it was like I had slept a full night. Needless to say, I was amazed.

Tachyon Sun-Spots

The next Tachyonized tool that I explored and integrated into my living space are the Sun-Spots. Even though I can clear my living space with the pendulum dowsing knowledge that I have, The Sun-Spots continuously pour Tachyons into my living space creating a very calming and peaceful environment. And, with the next evolution of 5G cell technology emerging and it s questionable affects on biological systems, I felt that this would be a good way to mitigate any potential negative effects. 

Tachyon Chakra Balancing kit.jpg
Tachyon Cocoon..jpg
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